Buy A Brick Campaign

Turn a Scar into a Star by helping us build a new centre!

Why?  Due to our success and the growing potential of inclusive education, we have outgrown our current – rented- premises. We have had to turn away children because of our limited space. Since 2003, we have provided education to over 600 children. Among them are 120 special needs children (e.g. disabled, deaf, Down syndrome).

Imagine what we could do with a Bigger and Better Centre!

Help us turn more SCARS into STARS by supporting our “Buy a Brick Campaign”

Our target is 20,000 Bricks

There are various ways to participate in our Buy a Brick Campaign.

  1. You could support us directly with a one time donation. Each brick costs 3000KSH, you can donate as many bricks as you want.
  1. You could organize an event eg a   run, a walk, a dinner, etc and have the proceeds go towards the “buy a brick campaign”.
  1. As an organization you could support the construction/running of a classroom and have the name of your organization in the classroom. A classroom will cost 330 bricks

If you have any questions regarding the Buy  a Brick campaign or wish to support us  please contact Michelle Abanga at




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