children’s festival

Even a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step and yes we did just that. On the 14th September, 2013, we had our first Kids Festival as a mode of fundraising. Their was lots of fun, snacks and drinks for all ages. There were workshops on face painting, beading,kids cinema,story telling from Story Moja and many others. We had performance by Mojjo and Eddie Grey and the Karen Recorder Consort, we were also amazed by the Sarakasi performance.


acrobats doing what they know best

acrobats doing what they know best

who is heavier than the other

who is heavier than the other

snacks stand, talk of delicacy "Yummy"

snacks stand, talk of delicacies “Yummy”

Mojo and Eddie live band total bliss

live performance, total bliss

we love guests, you are welcome too

we love guests, you are welcome too

being the first time, it was a breakthrough, thanks be to God and thank you for your support. We are looking forward to having this event biannually, we will update you when the next event will take place.


Second try on GlobalGiving!


For a second time  we are trying to get on global giving. We tried in April to get a permanet spot but were unable to reach the required threshholds . This time we are counting on all our Friends to help us reach the needed goal of : $5000 from 40 unique donors. Please  Help us out by:

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