Dining For Early Years

Little Rock’s “Dining For Early Years” Fundraising Dinner raised more than 1.3 million shillings. The partipants at the banquet, which was held on Saturday June 23rd at the  Serena Hotel in Nairobi included; friends, businessmen, and volunteers of Little Rock Inclusive ECD Centre.

We are are grateful to the companies that sponsored this event. Cellulant, Centum, Hello Properties, Meridian Medical, and TBL Mirror Fund.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this dinner a success!

 Marcus Otieno the Goal Keeper

Marcus Otieno came to little rock 9 years ago and is one of our 12 pioneer students.  He came when he was 3 years old and is now a primary school student, a talented soccer player, and a great goal keeper. This year he was selected as the goal keeper for the Ligi Ndogo Football Club during their tournament in Norway. Marcus is the first born in a family of four, and has proven that despite being raised in the slums of Kibera, you can still live up to your dream of being a great goal keeper. Because of his talent, he was invited to join the Manchester United Youth team, but was not able to travel to the UK due to lack of a birth certificate.

Thanks to the great foundation he got at Little Rock Marcus has continued to succeed academically and maintains a 70% mean grade. We expect to see and hear more great things from Marcus!